Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow Watch 2009

Today, the talk of the town, in fact the entire coast is that we here in Coastal Mississippi have a chance of snow. I had an off day from work and did a little shopping this afternoon. In each store children and adults alike were talking snow.

We are headed into winter and I know for many snow is a mere nuisance entailing shoveling, plowing, and general inconvenience. Yet, in these southern climes (subtropic zone eight for the gardening folks) the mere concept of snow is almost mythical. If folks down here didn't mark time by hurricanes, as in, "I remember back in '72, three years after Camille..." then I'm sure they would mark time by the instances of actual real live snow on the coast. For example, "I remember, we bought our house the summer after the big snow of 1948." In this case, the "big snow" would actually be a dusting that melted as it hit the ground but here on the coast that would count.

To be honest, I'm afraid those with snowflakes dancing in their eyes are destined to have their hopes dashed in a soggy drippy reality. However, I have to admit, it sure would be fun to wake up to a little snow in the morning.

(Disclaimer: I have no idea if there was any actual real snow on the coast in 1948. I'm too lazy tonight to do weather research. However, Camille did hit in 1969 so that part is true.)

Photo: Taken at 5th Avenue and 57th Street in Manhattan, Thanksgiving Day 2009.


  1. Well, I sure didn't see any snow, but the thought of a light dust was nice... would have really felt like Christmas! - Lu

  2. Yer more'n welcome to some of the stuff we have on the way.

    PS-I love you!

  3. Nope Lu, no snow but it sure is looking like good weather for a Christmas Party! See you tonight.

    Darling, looks like a cold wintery day in NY. Glad you'll be here soon for a little subtropic winter. :)

  4. Awww, it just makes me feel all cozy reading your's and your FinMan's comments!! :)

    Absolutely a cool layout here! I like the blue. I just made a darker blue layout with *snow!* falling and my own Christmas video in my SingSnap profile page. :)

    I think it's fun :)

    So glad you and your sweetie were together and will be again, soon !!

    It's hitting 44* tonight in my area of FL !!! Heat is *On !* But warming back to low 70's soon this week.

  5. Sunny, thanks. Tomorrow, it's supposed to be back in the 60's here. Hard to believe, this morning I woke up to heavy frost on the ground.

  6. I would have thought you had seen enough snow in your life in NotQuiteWestTexas to last you a lifetime!

  7. Well you know, there was just enough cold in NotQuiteWestTexas to feel like you had winter without that oppressive "I hate winter and just want to go to Mexico" feel. Now that I never see any snow, I kind of miss it. :)

  8. Last year we missed out on snow by a mile. Yes, literally a mile! You could see the snowline starting halfway up the hills above the coast. So unfair! I'm still sulking!!

    Apparently this week here in the UK we are heading for the first big cold snap of the winter ... snow is a possibility ...

  9. Very well written... and the photos are GREAT!!


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