Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Break From the Natural, Mostly.

I've made my annual pilgrimage to the Fay B. Kaigler Children's Book Festival on the USM Campus. This is honestly a highpoint of the year. I truly hope that the future brings me back again and again.

In addition to all the wonderful, helpful and educational things I heard today, my absolute favorite comment of the day came from, Father Goose or as he is sometimes known, Charles Ghigna. Prior to sharing some of his wonderful and enchanting poetry for children Mr. Ghigna discussed how privileged he felt to address a crowd of librarians. In his words, "The people that own the keys to the kingdom."

How true!

School librarians and public librarians truly do hold the keys that open so many doors for children; imagination, adventure, love, and so much more. Welcome to the Kingdom.

As for the lettuce photo, that's a bit of showing off and absolutely unrelated to the Book Festival. You see before you the first harvest of 2010, and the lettuce I ate on my sandwich yesterday. Although, to be perfectly frank I planted this lettuce last November. It managed to overwinter quite nicely despite our unusually cold temps.


  1. What an awesome thing to say, The keys to the kingdom. and so true.

    Love the lettuce. I never have been able to grow a health lettuce.

  2. I love that- and it's so very true- you hold the keys to the kingdom in many ways.

    I'm glad you had a great time, and I would love some of that lettuce. YUM!

  3. "The people that own the keys to the kingdom."

    Such a responsibility.

  4. fragilewisdom,I think the lettuce was absolute luck.

    Wiz, I grew up in a town with some unfriendly librarians and they sure made it difficult to use the library. So I guess that I especially identified. The lettuce was pretty good.

    beyondbluestockings, so true.

  5. If we had some bacon, we could have a blt if we had some tomatoes.


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