Monday, October 11, 2010

Hello World

Squirrel Tree Frog in the Pump House

Tonight, I was browsing through photos from the last couple of months when I ran across this guy.  This is the squirrel tree frog that lived in the pump house for our well all summer.  When I would go to the pump house in the evenings to turn on the water for the garden I was almost sure to see him hanging about.  In fact, he was the biggest squirrel tree frog I've ever seen, over two inches and maybe over three.  That's like Big Foot in the world of squirrel tree frogs.  I haven't seen him in the last few weeks.  Let's hope he's moved on to greater adventures.  

For the rest, I haven't blogged in soooo.. long.  Real life intruded for a while, a photo project I NEEDED to finish, birthdays and birthday dinners, and award ceremonies.  

Yes, awards.  I've only ever entered one photo contest.  Well actually, I've entered the same library photo contest for four (maybe five but I can't remember if they had the contest in '06) years.  This year, I won Best of Show.  I don't even think it was a pity win because there were different judges and of course they don't know your names.  

So the real question is, after winning the top ribbon do I walk away or do I enter again next year?  I guess I have a year to ponder.


  1. The frog is a cute little thing. I vote enter because next year there will also be different photographers competing as well and as you say, they don't know whose photo they are judging.

  2. How adorable is he??? I am with Fragile - by all means enter! And Congratulations!!! :)))

  3. I adore tree frogs... I do, and I agree - enter!!

  4. Awww he's so cute- and you are right that is a large size for thsoe kind of little froggies. I day enter again and congrats to you :)

  5. Fragilewisdom, true there will be different photographers.

    O, thanks.

    Maggs, I enjoy them too. We have an abundance here with our swampy warm environment.

    Wiz, thank you. He just kept growing and growing all summer. Must have been a lot of good bugs in there.

  6. Enter again and make photography a life long quest for whatever catches your eye.


  7. Well Bobby, I'll be honest, I don't think I'll ever step away from the camera. It's kind of a passion. :)

  8. I'm not at all surprised by your success. Congratulations!

  9. I really enjoy your photos. You should enter each year!


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