Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Things I have spent hours photographing:

Forgotten Places

Open Doors

What these things say about me:

Let's skip the symbolism shall we and just acknowledge that I have enough material there to pen the next great Southern Gothic Novel.

What catches your eye?

Photo Above: Forgotten Gate, Pascagoula Ms.


  1. Remember that Derf has a huge collection of photos taken in old abandoned buildings all over LI. There is likely a sub folder on his website.


  2. Cats. Doors. Color - the brighter and tackier, the better.

  3. Yep, Derf has that bug too. He's taken some lovely photos of ruined and derelict places.

    CF, "brighter and tackier, the better", I definitely understand that!

  4. Everything, unfortunately. I get distracted too easily!

  5. Had to delete first answer to avoid PC faux pax.
    Things like that gate, fences, and the way the road appears to start and stop when viewed from certain vantage points on a hilly, winding highway in the mountains. I love the way it looks when it is way down there, curving around, and I know it is actually the road I'm on.

  6. Cats, knitting, trees, insects (macro), birds and the sky. Unfortunately time is not my friend these days. I miss my camera, but I enjoy seeing what you can do with yours! :)

  7. Light - its dance across water, the ebb and flow of colour leaching in an out of daylight and night, people's faces....

  8. Nice shot. It sure does evoke old memories.

  9. Fragilewisdom, I do too! Must run in the family.

    JohnO, it's way too easy to make a PC faux pas. Let's just ignore them. I'm especially fond of winding roads and I think I'm adding a new thing to my list, I'm very interested in train tracks lately, winding away into the distance.

    Thanks O. There's not enough time in the day, is there? I really get into macro insects too. I really like caterpillars.

    Maggs, light and water, excellent! I do enjoy varying light. My favorite time is late afternoon with the shadows falling.

    Bobby, thanks. I love those old iron fences (and gates).


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