Monday, November 1, 2010


The Finman and I went for a nice paddle on Saturday.  Our trip location was actually "Plan B" but I think I enjoyed it much more than I would have enjoyed the originally chosen launch site.  We put in at Kreb's Lake in Pascagoula and then kayaked under the high rise bridge and down (or up, not sure which) the shipping channel.

PhotobucketHere is a hitchhiker that jumped on when I picked up a piece of marine debris.  He hung out for a while and then scurried across the top of my boat to the other side where a gentle wave sent him on his way.

It was a beautiful day for a kayak trip. The weather was just right, the water was calm, and the sky was lovely blue. I hope we have many more days like this one in front of us.


  1. Love those little crabs...We have tons of them as art (Pics and sculptures) around the house.

  2. Aww I know that area but I've never seen it from a kayak. I'd love to. It looks like SO much fun!

  3. Thanks for taking your camera and so many great shots of the day.

  4. Makes me want to get out and paddle myself

  5. Yes, they're lovely aren't they Bobby.

    Wiz, if it's not too cold, I can probably scrounge up some more kayaks, I know a guy.

    Thank you honey. It was fun.

    Maggs, you should. :)


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