Friday, December 3, 2010

Places to Go

(An old bicycle on Block Island, RI)

I planned to paint this weekend.  I hate painting.  I thought I would dedicate the whole weekend to painting one room. I hate painting.  I can't handle canary yellow walls one month longer.  I've said for two years that I would paint them.  I hate painting.  This weekend was going to be THE weekend.  It's filling up.  First up, Native American Festival tomorrow in Ocean Springs.  Maybe, I'll paint half the walls?  I do hate painting.

(Here is an example of how imprecise language can be.  I truly dislike painting things like walls, houses, etc.  I truly enjoy painting on things like canvases, paper, odd items that sit still long enough to be painted, etc.)  


  1. I read a novel about a plucky young determined down on her luck heiress who needed a job. After she pushes him about it, a guy from her socialite life finally says OK, she can paint his house for the $2,000 she has bid.

    She shows up at the front door with a sketchpad and watercolors. Which is not what he wanted.

  2. If you tint the primer the same color you will be painting, it makes for a much smoother transition.

    Just a hint from someone who loves to paint...


  3. Hey Bobby! Come on down! Stay awhile.

    Bring yer brushes and rollers!!!

  4. And BG -- don't get scalped!!

  5. CF, definitely imprecise. Funny how those plot lines stick with a person.

    Bobby, Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try.

    Fin, I'll try not to.

  6. You know, I hate painting too. Must run in the blood.

  7. But I love to paint! At least I used to. Haven't painted anything in a long time!

  8. I don't always hate painting but I have to be in the right mood for it. I love the distinction you drew there at the end.


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