Monday, May 30, 2011


I'm spending Memorial Day on Long Island.  I think this is my third or fourth Long Island Memorial Day.  On Friday, I thought about taking the train to bustling NYC but just couldn't quite make myself excited about it.  Instead, I thought I would try a new adventure and I took a train the other direction.  I rode the LIRR out to the end of Long Island and then took a taxi to the Montauk Lighthouse.
This lighthouse was commissioned by George Washington and on my morning there it was shrouded in the "Montauk Fog" an occurrence I am assured is fairly common.
I thought this flag shot would be appropriate to the day.
Yes, I climbed the light, the docent at the top, a woman in her 60's (possible 70's) climbs the light three times a week.  Marvelous way to stay youthful!

A memorial left by someone else.

If anyone is interested in hearing the fog horn, which gives the whole thing incredible atmosphere, here's a short video I took:
Hope all my US friends are enjoying a nice memorial day.


  1. Nice daytrip! Does that foghorn go off 24/7? Maybe we need something like that in our air traffic control towers to keep the controllers awake. :)

    Happy Memorial Day to you and Fin.


  2. What a neat day trip. I like the video and the fact that I could hear the fog horn. What was that cheeping in the background? Happy Memorial Day!

  3. Great entry. Guy could get a bit of a crush on you, just from yer blog!!

    Particularly like the vid.

  4. Fin - You crack me up buddy.

    Nice shot of the lighthouse. Did you send one to Linda? She loves lighthouses...

  5. Sounds like a good trip. I spent Memorial Day working.

  6. lowandslow, it just might. Those guys (and gals) have a rough job at times.

    fragilewisdom, I believe the call is the red breasted robins that were flitting around. (American Robin).

    Fin, thank you Darling. Smooch.

    Fujific, does Linda still blog or is she only on Facebook.

    Chiang Guy, not surprised about the working. :) Hope you're enjoying your house.


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