Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Biloxi Light House Dressed for Christmas
What a busy time of year!

The Finman I went to the Christmas on the Water Boat Parade in Biloxi last Saturday.  I can honestly say I didn't take a single good photo but I am glad that I've seen the parade.  It's been on my "Gonna Do That" list for a few years now.

In other news, for the first time, at least that I can remember I helped send small children into hysterics, not the good kind.  I was performing a Christmas puppet show, had finished the first number, an intentionally bad musical bit that most react to with loud laughter when two children in the audience began screaming in sheer terror at those crazy, intimidating, fourteen inch turtle and raccoon puppets on the puppet stage.  I mean, I sing the song with several intentional flubs but I didn't know it was that bad.  I've performed it a good thirty or so times now and never had that reaction.

When I say screaming, I literally mean screaming.  The show could not go on.  Eventually, and much to my relief, the children were taken out a side door.  That was certainly a first.

Then again, "tis the season" and all. 


  1. Turtle and raccoon puppets got 'em all worked up? Geez. 'Course, I was grown before I ever heard that some people find clowns creepy. Takes all kinds, I guess.

    Merry Christmas to you and Fin. ;)


  2. Was it one of the shows that they were taping to put up on their website?

    A little discreet editing might be needed, if so.


  3. Scott, Merry Christmas to you and Kelly as well.

    Fin, aren't you funny.

  4. I can well imagine. Please feel free to blame said little ones being overtired and triggered flights or vapours....wait they are not Victorian ladies so vapours doesn't apply... tired. lets stick with tired.

  5. I love lighthouses. It means I'm near water!!!

    Great shot.

    Merry Christmas By the way.


  6. Maggs, it actually might have been the vapours. Next time I'll know to have smelling salts on hand.

    Bobby, Merry Christmas to you. Fin and I feel the same about the lighthouses. Love being coastal!


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