Thursday, August 30, 2012

Not To Make Light of Things...

The Newly Named: Copper's Bayou
 Truly, even now I have friends and co-workers assessing damage and waiting out the flooding in their neighborhoods.  I think the Mississippi Gulf Coast was well prepared for Isaac but he's still been surprising.  This feels like the storm that never ends.

However, in a totally frivolous note, if Fin were here and not enjoying beautiful weather in Yankee-Land he would DEFINITELY be back in our new bayou teaching Hound Dawg to kayak.  I wish he were here so I could take some video.  When that day comes it will make for some entertaining viewing.

Our new bayou even comes with wildlife:

This is a juvenile Green Heron.  I'm pretty sure he was blown in last night during the storm.  I didn't see him the last time I went out to walk the yard so I hope he's figured out that there are no fish in this pond and he's on to a better fishing ground.


  1. Things still OK there? I just heard on the news a dam on the LA/MS border is in danger of failing and they are evacuating 50-60,000 people downstream. Hope you aren't in that area.


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  3. I'm glad you weathered the storm well. Now to weather the mosquitoes that might spontaneously generate in your new bayou.
    Maybe it will go back from whence it came before they can issue forth.


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