Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lunchtime Blogging

Here we have a Yellow-Rumped Warbler. I've seen these both at the library and a few miles away at home. I find I really enjoy photographing birds and identifying them later. I'm no birder and unless I've seen one before I have no idea about the names of the different birds.

Actually, I guess I might be becoming a birder because I have to admit I find it very fulfilling to able to identify the wildlife around oneself. For instance, to look through the lens of the camera and know that you're looking at another yellow-rumped warbler. Yes, that's quite nice.

About this particular warbler, I really like how the canopy of the forest blurred out around her like an impressionist's watercolor.

And now, lunch is over and it's time to get back to work. Librarianing here I come.


  1. Pretty! My dad loves birds, and I think I'll get him a book of them for his upcoming birthday.
    Have a good Wednesday Bethany!

  2. Make sure your birder brother has the link to your new site. And your new new site.


  3. thanks for the fix! Lu

  4. ...and as nice as the beautiful bird...the photo. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. I can recognize fried chicken and smoked turkey. Does that count? Seriously, that does sound like fun, and a challenge, too. :)


  6. I like the depth of field - or lack thereof? - in the shot, too.

    I like knowing/naming what I see, too. When I was a kid we had identification guides for birds, flowers, trees . . . you name it.

  7. Wow,its a pretty bird.There are seasons here in BC when we get glimmers of particular pretty birds (cannery type-small)stopping here for a spell.

  8. Thanks Kate. I think a bird book is a good idea.

    Fin, I do need to make sure all the family has the address. I don't think they do.

    Lu, no problem. Glad you still come by. :)

    Thank you JadedJ, for coming by and commenting.

    lowandslow, mmm, mmm turkey. Didn't have much breakfast and little smoked turkey would sure hit the spot.

    intelliwench, I guess this would be "lack of". I'm working on my library of identification guides right now. For the naturalist thing I really need them.

    Silentwhisper, this photo doesn't really show of it's colors. It has two yellow spots on each breast and a yellow spot on it rump (thus the name). Makes for a really nice show if you can get close enough or it sits still long enough to see. Most of the time our birds here aren't very showy but we do have several nice water birds.

  9. Yellow that sparkles...a nice winter lift, although your winter weather is quite mild, isn;t it?

  10. Maggs, definitely mild except the occasional day, like today where the high is 46F (about 8c).


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