Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winding Down and Big Plans

Here I am a the end of another weekend wondering where in the world all the time went. I'm sure part of my astonishment at how fast time flew could be chalked up to having only managed to spend seven hours of Saturday in an upright and awake state. Seven hours, can you imagine? I can't, and I lived it. I went to bed Friday and on Saturday surfaced briefly at 8am and then again at 12:30pm. About 4:20 in the afternoon I managed to drag myself off the bed and made coffee, thus insuring the seven hours of wakefulness, but the coffee was apparently not sufficient to the task of prying me out of my pajamas. It was almost as if Saturday didn't exist at all. I wonder if humans have ever bred with sloths and if perhaps I have a recessive sloth gene?

Today, I really should blog about Mississippi Sandhill Cranes. I know I should. However, after a full day of non-slothfullness I'm entirely too brain fogged to bother with all the fact checking that goes into a decent naturalist blog. So today we must be content with the dried hydrangea from the top of my Aunt Jean's stove. Lovely, isn't it?

Also, I'll give you all a bit of an update about something that will be taking some of my time over the next few months. While ruminating about things in general at the end of December my mind somehow wandered to farmer's markets and the fact that the town I librarian in, in fact the town that I now consider "my town" does not have a farmer's market and how nice it would be if it did have a farmer's market. It soon struck me that if the town was to have a farmer's market someone would need to organize it. Following quickly upon that was the idea that I could help organize a farmer's market. In consequence, since the new year I've been researching and pulling together a core group of women I know through the library who all have some interest in supporting the local community, gardening, natural products, and making the most of our resources. I think each of the ladies I've contacted have something great to offer the project and better still, they are interested and willing to pitch in. Hopefully, we'll soon have our first meeting and perhaps this thing can become a reality. Provided, that things turn out well, I may even begin another blog chronicling that experience.

I certainly hope everyone's week is off to a great start. I know I should certainly be well rested and able to tackle whatever challenges surface this week.


  1. I had a very similar Saturday. And, well, Sunday.

    Good luck with the farmer's market!

  2. I have every confidence that your town will soon sprout a wonderful farmer's market!

  3. Was this weekend illness or just much needed rest? I hope the latter of the two.... can't wait for the farmers market as well. Of course you with so much time on your hands *s* needing another project*s* I know it will turn out wonderfully. lu

  4. You seem to be morphing from a community resource to a mover or a shaker. Mebbe both.


  5. MM, it's not a bad way to spend a weekend. ;)

    KIT, I sure hope so. I hope that we can follow through and make this thing happen.

    Scorpion, uh, thanks.

    Lu, I think the tiredness was related to all the problems I've had with the allergies and asthma lately. I do hope the market comes together.

    Fin, we'll see, won't we. Mwah.

  6. Don't you need farmers on board in order to have a farmers market? ;)


  7. I have every confidence that I will soon be able to shop in your new market on the occasional weekend visit! I am very impressed with you.

  8. Love Farmer's Market! We have a Saturday Morning Market in the downtown here.

    Good luck with that. :)

    That hydranga is pretty. Neat ole coffee pot too.

  9. Well Scott, you see it's one of those "build it and they will come type of things". :)

    FW, thanks sis.

    Thanks Judy thanks. That is a nice pot isn't it.

  10. Good idea! Big project. Brave you :) We have a wonderful farmer's market here in Charleston with veggies, food stalls and handicrafts.

  11. Joan, thanks. I do hope that eventually that is how our market will be. I would love to have local craftsmen/women/artisans set up.


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