Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like... Spring

If the leaves weren't continuing to fall off our oak trees I would really think we were in the middle of spring. Today, it was a lovely 72 degrees here. (That's 22C for my friends outside of the US.) The sun was shining and I had a beautiful walk at the park during lunch. It even smelled like spring.

Above, you'll see one of the cardinals that flits about the house. Here, he's perched in the water oak directly in front of the front door. He and and his lady friend were having snacks over at the wax myrtle bush nearby. It was very entertaining to watch. (At least, it was entertaining for me but my idea of a fun night out has become sitting OUT on the porch listening to the frogs do their thing so I might not be the best judge.) Wax myrtles are supposed to be a winter time buffet for the birds and last weekend that certainly proved to be true.

As my friend Keri would say, these birds are real "kick in the pants". I am so thankful that the couple that lived here before us enjoyed wildlife and put up the feeders and didn't take out all the native plants. The other morning standing in the kitchen and looking out the window I saw a blue jay perched on one side of the bird feeder having breakfast and a cardinal perched on the other side of the feeder breakfasting as well. I grabbed my camera but sadly the photos didn't do well through the screen on the window. It's a shame because it sure was one beautiful and colorful scene.

Finally, I really must have one more reptile moment.
Yes, yet another of my Mediterranean friends. Doesn't he look cuddly? This is the one I found while hanging the hammock chair on Sunday. I have to say, I'm quite impressed with his eyes. Do you see how the pattern of his eye seems to mirror his mottled color? Crazy.

Now then, I think we're done with the reptiles for a while. Next, I have a story to tell about the endangered Mississippi Sandhill Crane, perhaps this weekend. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday.


  1. Gorgeous photographs, Bethany! Glad to know there is hope that spring is around the corner!

  2. If it is beginning to look/feel like out!...nature is setting you up for a sucker punch. :)


  3. Benita, thanks. I actually think that it will get quite cool before we actually do have spring but that's hard to remember after days and days of temps in the 60s and 70s.

    Thank you Fin. Mwah.

    Scott, I'm more worried about all the trees that are budding out but I guess they've weathered all this before. I expect February will be our cold month, it generally is. :)

  4. I love to see the cardinals! I loved to see the Mr and Mrs Cardinals back home in Michigan in the winter.

    Great shot!

    Ooohhh, not a lizard! Eeekkkk!

    Bethany, your whole entry is just beauteeeeful!

    Hugs, and keep on enjoying Mother nature! :)


  5. A friend and I were just having that same conversation yesterday. It was a gorgeous day and I enjoyed it while I could.

  6. Judy, thanks. I certainly have a nice little place right now to take in the nature.

    Sis, I'm glad you enjoyed the day.


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