Thursday, January 22, 2009

So Much to Learn and Only One Lifetime

Tonight, I'm missing a training meeting about how to identify local frogs by the sound they make. The training is to prepare folks to go roam the roads and participate in a frog watching program. As I've come to proudly embrace my own inherent nerdiness I will admit with pride that I think it sounds fascinating. Sure, I know a Friday night trolling the back roads to hear frogs gettin' it on, flirting, and partying doesn't appeal to everyone but if you bother to get in touch with your inner naturalist you might think it sounds better than dinner and a movie. Sadly for me, I'm kind-of maxed out for the week on my ability to tackle new ventures.

That's the thing that I find frustrating this week, time and energy. I must work. I have to keep food on the table and the lights on. I have the great blessing of actually loving my job. Yet, this work-a-day life is really cutting into my time, my "there are only 24 hours in a day to accomplish so many things" time.

Yesterday, I got interested in bamboo bikes after reading about a program in Ghana to help the people of Ghana build cargo bikes out of bamboo. I thought, "I could build a bamboo bike" but then I remembered that I have beehives to build, bat houses to build, a house to paint, a garden to plant, trees to plant, and a farmer's market to organize. So actually, when I look at it, learning to build a bamboo bicycle really is out of the question this year. Also out of the question, at least for the foreseeable future; that yogurt maker I want to make, the yurt I'd love to build, the wood strip canoe that I've dreamed of building, chicken tractors, etc, etc. You get the idea.

There are just so many interesting things in this world. So many things to experience and learn. So many new things to try. I just don't know how I'll ever accomplish or learn "hands on" half the things I want to.

This means that I have to work diligently on balance because things catch my interest so quickly and always I'm fighting that devil "time". As I said, so much to learn and only one lifetime. Let's hope it's a long one.

**The flower above is my lovely Christmas and housewarming Amaryllis from my friend Jane. Thank you Jane


  1. Beautiful flower and a great post, Bethany! You are SO right! So many things to do, see, and learn, but unfortunately we must work! (Thankfully, we both have jobs as so many people are currently unemployed!) Have a relaxing night!

  2. My husband and I love frogs! And turtles. I hope you can get to the next meeting!

  3. Benita, thanks and you're right about the job situation. I am daily thankful that I have a paying job to go to.

    Kate, aren't they interesting! I hope that I get to be involved with the group at some point in the future. We'll see.

  4. Don't forget to write down all these inspirations and hopes and wants. The secret ( as you know!!) is balance. I so understand what you mean...sometimes I find I can begin to pencil out some of those wants.

  5. Maggs, writing them down is certainly a good idea.

  6. I used to collect, and had a few pet frogs, when I was teaching. That does sound like a neat thing to discover. I know my students would have loved it! Hope you find the weekend productive. Lu

  7. As you know, I frequently feel that way! Rest up and restore yourself. There's always the next frog calling class.

  8. I too am glad you can put food on the table and keep the lights on!!



  9. Planting, and building, and painting, oh my!!

    So much to do, so little time......

    Love that gorgeous flower! It's a Lily, yes?

    I had to giggle at the "frogs partying" part!

    Keeping the lights on and food in the house are two very necessary, very important things to do!

  10. Spot-on post title, Bethany. I've been thinking about that same very thing myself recently.

    Bamboo cargo bikes sound fascinating. I'd love to learn more about those too. (I am a bicycle geek! :D )

    The picture of the amaryllis is beautiful. They are truly amazing & fascinating plants.

  11. I know exactly what you mean, honey, if I try to learn piecing, I can't do collage!!!!!! etc, etc, etc.....

  12. Lu, I'm really getting fond of frogs, after my whole tadpole experience last fall. ;)

    Fragilewisdom, yes, it was definitely a good decision to wait to the next go-round for the frog thing. I stayed home, relaxed, and baked chicken with apple and raisin stuffing. Yummy!

    Fin, me too. Mwah, back.

    Judy, glad you got a giggle. :) It's an amaryllis and I don't believe that they are actually lilies. I can't find a definitive source on that at the moment. You often see the bulbs sold in stores around Christmas. My friend Jane started this one for me from ones she already had. Now, I'll plant it out in the yard.

    Tea, don't the bikes sound cool. If you haven't you should google some images. They are amazingly sharp looking. They're supposed to absorb shock better, offer a smooth ride, and of course they would be very light. Too bad it's over 2,000 US Dollars to order even a basic.

    Paula, it's always a trade-off isn't it?

  13. I so wish I lived nearby, I could come over and I could help you. Oh the fun we could have!

  14. That is funny! If bird watching is birding, is frog watching frogging?

  15. Wiz, I wish we lived near too. I think we'd have a lot of fun! Who knows... maybe one day.

    Joan, it must be frogging. In which case I must be a frogger and a birder. :)


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