Monday, February 2, 2009

Flying the Coop

Today, I'm headed to a week long school in Jackson about librarianing. I'm definitely looking forward to the week but it is always such a wrench to leave home. I know I'll enjoy the school, meeting new people, and getting out of the routine but home is just so comfortable. Also, they assign us roommates from other library systems, that is always a gamble. The time I went to the first part of this class two years ago I had a great roommate and we had mucho fun. Hopefully, this year will be the same.

PhotobucketYesterday, Milton and I had a beautiful day watching birds. You can see from the photo that Milton toyed with the idea of mowing the lawn. In the end he decided it would be much more relaxing to sit under a pine tree with me. So we, both pulled up a patch of grass and I watched birds while Milton watched me. Milton is much more interested in watching the exotic watch bunnies and squirrels that wander into the yard than watching birds. Birds, aren't his thing. We added three new birds to the many seen lately.

After such a beautiful and peaceful day in my own backyard it makes it especially difficult to leave.


  1. We will miss you, but know you will have a great time. See you next week.

  2. BEAUTIFUL photos, Bethany.
    Milton looks very comfy sitting on the yard bug!

    Have a good week away & enjoy the library school. :)

  3. Hope you have fun, as well as learning at the library classes! Sounds absolutely awesome!

    (My very first job was that of "Librarian." :)

    Milton looks very comfy and cozy there in the sunshine!

    Beautiful shot of the blue sky with the hawk!

    Be safe!

  4. Sorry all for the atrocious spelling the first go round. I was very rushed for time and had no time to proof read this morning. Hopefully, I've caught it all now.

    Lu, thanks. See you in a week.

    Tea, Milton does look comfy perched up there doesn't he? Today we covered library ethics, very interesting.

    Judy, I think the week will be great.

  5. Milton is such a pretty cat! Enjoy your trip!

  6. Have fun, Bethany! That's a great photo of Milton.

  7. Chiang Guy, it is so far!

    Dorrie, thanks. I'm having a good time.

    Benita, it sure is nice, a little cooler than I get back home and that makes it nice.

  8. Milton probably prefers the grass a bit high...good for concealment. BTW, Milton is one beautiful gato.

  9. Milton is absolutely glorious. I would happily share a space with him. Such a handsome boy. Enjoy your long weekend and stay safe. Maggs

  10. Jadedj, so true. Right now he totally blends with the pine straw on the ground. :)

    Maggs, thanks. He's a cuddly bundles for sure.

  11. I guess library school is almost over now. I hope you had fun. Milton sure looks comfortable there!


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