Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Morning Rambles

Milton and I often take a walk around the yard in the morning before work, just to see what might have happened in the night or to see perhaps what's lurking around out there. We don't generally find a lot going on. Most of the time our walk is made up of me fuming at the birds for taunting behavior as they call so very loudly from the trees but stay neatly out of camera range. We do however catch the amazing moment here or there, like this spider web glistening in the dew.

PhotobucketThis week, I'm missing my walk with Milton. So this morning, I faced the cold, and braved the streets of Jackson for an early morning ramble. I had such a nice time. Our hotel, where most of our classes are held is in the Fondren neighborhood of Jackson. This makes for very nice walking and even though the south is not known as a pedestrian friendly environment I managed to find some sidewalks and saw a few others striding about.

As Milton is back at home on the coast, this morning I was looking for a new rambling friend. Imagine my delight when I found this low maintenance Dalmation. I wonder what his people thought when they looked out their front windows to see a woman sitting on the street in front of their fire hydrant taking photos. I wonder if they get that a lot?


  1. True story...when people call 911 here to report a fire hydrant has been hit by a car or damaged in some way, the first question they get asked is "what color is it?"

  2. (Being in that area quite a bit myself) I am sure they don't see many people taking pictures on the street, unless a chalk drawing is involved!*S*
    Loved the photo!

  3. I noticed several similar webs spun like lace and hang from tree branches each morning this week - some similarly bejewelled. I also had this mental image of you lugging an uprooted hydrant behind you on your wandering. maggs

  4. I like the irony of a hydrant painted in dog colors.

    When I try to take walks around our town, I have had to explain to well-intentioned drivers-by that I am doing it for my own well-being, and not because I don't have a ride to wherever it is I'm headed!

  5. Spiders and their webs are one of the wonders of the natural world.


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