Friday, February 13, 2009

Geese Bottoms

Well, Geese Bottoms! Doesn't that sound like some type of pseudo naughty expletive. I'm actually thinking of adding it to my own personal lexicon for times of great stress.

This photo explains the great winter goose mystery of 2009. The winter goose mystery of '09 began a couple of weeks ago on a nice clear warm morning while I was lazing in bed with the back door propped open and was surprised by an unmistakably goosey honk wafting in on the breeze. I hopped out of bed, grabbed my camera, and rushed out to a clearly empty and goose free yard. While I didn't particularly want a goose in the yard I was a bit dismayed to find that my ears had deceived me. I found myself questioning my acumen about the natural world.

I mean, I know I don't know everything, or even much and I constantly resort to outside sources even for the most basic of bird identifications but seriously, a goose honk is a goose honk. If I'm going to start hearing things that aren't really there then quite honestly I'd prefer something a little more melodic than a sound remarkably like the sound my alto saxophone made back in sixth grade when they entrusted it to my overeager and novice hands. (Seriously, have you ever heard anyone learning to play a saxophone? Not pretty!)

I've continued to hear the occasional goose honk, only to rush into the yard and find no goose. So, it was a great consolation this morning as Milton and I took our walk around to have these guys fly a low direct course over the house, honking all the while. Whew! I'm not hearing things after all and these geese bottoms are my photographic proof.


A bonus Milton photo. Here we are about to set out on the morning walk around. Doesn't Milton look enthused?


  1. I really like that picture of Milton!

  2. Milton, an angelic photo! Lu

  3. Glad it was a real flock of geese -- would hate to think that you've gone "loony." :-)

  4. That Junior Woodchucking is really paying off!

  5. Milton looks like he is thinking "Here she goes again!!" I NEVER for even one moment thought you might be losing it...........Maggs

  6. "Geese Bottoms!" sounds to me like the favorite exclamation of a crazy old widow in turn-of-the-century novel.

    (The PREVIOUS turn of the century, to be clear)

    And I learned to play the alto saxophone in sixth grade, but I have no idea what you are talking about.

    Okay, fine. You're right. It was horrible.

  7. Dori,Kate, and Lu, Thanks. Milton loves admiration.

    Sputter, I know who you are. He is handsome. :)

    Intelliwench, now they fly over the house every morning. I think they're on their way to a pond about a quarter mile past my house. That is a quarter mile as the goose flies.

    Fin, isn't it though. To bad, it's not literally paying. ;)

    Maggs, thanks for your faith in me.

    Bard, thanks for stopping by. Definitely crazy old lady... I still think I can make it work for a crazy middle-aged book lady.

  8. Milton is certainly giving you all his attention... or that's what it looks like. You never know with a cat. He could just be thinking about where he'll take his next nap. ;)


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