Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Natives Love Me

I've been making friends again. I found this guy hanging on the side of the house looking for a snack the other night. Obviously, he was thrilled to have his peace disturbed and a camera flash going off inches from his eyes.

I'm afraid he and his friends are all going to hop for the hills when they see me coming. Their little frog voices will be screaming, "Run for it boys, the human with the evil black box is on the loose."
It's a compulsion really, maybe even a disease. I just can't stop taking photos.

I love the clarity of this guys eyes and the color. I think that bronzy color is very handsome. And, those cute little bulbous toes. Who wouldn't love those toes? What a handsome little critter indeed. Too bad, he's going to run from me every chance he gets.


  1. Hope he develops an insatiable taste for wasps.

  2. I love frogs. And you're right, his eyes are beautiful!

  3. He does have beautiful eyes.

    I think he secretly liked having his picture taken so he will probably be back. :)

  4. He looks so moist and thick with life!! Maggs

  5. The wasps are almost as big as he is. I think mosquitoes might be more his speed.

    KIT, I read about your frog saving. Good work. I love them too.

    fragilewisdom,let's hope he comes back.

    Maggs, hadn't thought of it that way but you're right. He does look "think with life".

  6. haha this made me giggle. He's adorable though. Who knows, maybe he'll enjoy the attention and invite his friends next time :)

  7. I have a weakness for amphibians...

  8. Wiz,you never know. :)

    Maggs, me too!


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