Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Watcher

Here we have another of the Southern Toads that hang around the place. Perhaps, you notice that our little friend has an audience.

Milton was quite interested in this toad's movements. (I must hasten to add and I'm sure all of you will be glad to know that no toads were harmed in the making of this photo, or even in the immediate aftermath.) Actually, this guy may look pretty innocuous but the truth is he would most likely do much more damage to Milton than Milton would to him. Toads have glands behind their eyes that secrete poison and when pets come in contact with this poison it can cause nausea, irregular heart beat, and occasionally death
. So, the current educational campaign is to teach Milton to "Just Say No" to toads.

On an unrelated note, I must mention and in fact I think it is quite obvious, that my blog is falling into disrepair. It's just that blogging is a bit of a chore these days. I wish I could get back to the blogging flow but it's not coming easily. I do have lots of springtime photos to share so perhaps there is hope, maybe this blog's not dead yet.


  1. very nice, made me smile. I can remember our little dog, he was not as smart as Milton... just couldnt' say no. We did chuckle at his acrobatic ability after his encounters with the toads, and usually the toad hopped away unharmed. Lu

  2. I didn't know that about frogs!
    As for the blog, I always enjoy your photos.
    Happy St. Paddy's Day!

  3. Please don;t disappear entirely as I so enjoy your and Milton's little adventures. He is a handsome boy, too. Maggs

  4. I absolutely love this photo. It's one of my favorites ever that you've taken.

    Please don't leave us :) although I admit that my journal time here may be short lived, as I finally have my own space and am getting it ready to share with the world, or at least those who are interested.

  5. First, please DON'T go away...we all love you.

    The toad. When I lived in South Florida, we had a cat get hold of a Bufo Toad...which caused serious convulsions, and foaming of the mouth of the cat, within 15 minutes. We rushed it to the vet, and were told by the vet that we were lucky our cat didn't die.

    That toad in your photo may be one. They have relatives throughout the South and Southwest. Be careful...they are not nice.

  6. so nice to see you, but i agree, blogging hasnt been the same since journalspace :(

  7. Fin, thanks.

    Lu, I can just imagine your poor little doggie. I think Milton isn't that interested in them.

    Kate, actually, frogs don't have the parotid gland behind the ear that secrets poison like toads and there are a few differences between toads and frogs. Some frogs do however have their own poison.

    Maggs, thanks. I'm sure I won't disappear completely.

    Wiz, thanks for the comment on the photo. It means a great deal as you are a quite talented photographer. I'm looking forward to seeing your new space when it is up and running.

    jadedj, thanks for the encouragement and the concern. This toad is a Southern Toad and as far as I can tell pretty much all toads can be an unfortunate entanglement for your pets.

    Stacy, good to see you as well. And, nope, blogging's not the same post-js. I've never found my way around the new JS.

  8. I know the feeling about blogging as apposed to JS journaling. It is just different and not as much fun.

  9. Pastor Larry, definitely not as much fun.

    Joan, thanks!

  10. Nice pic! I love toads. I hate frogs but I love toads. Go figure.

  11. Hmmm... strange. I kind-of like them both.

  12. It's not as much as fun as JS, is it. I really enjoy your journal though.


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