Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back Away From the Lizard

Lately, I'm very enamored of the Green Anoles perching all around the house. Although, these are very common throughout the south, I knew very little about them until a few months ago when one darted out of our pump house and caught my interest. Now I see them everywhere.

The guy up above is the largest of our anole family. He lives by the back patio in the honeysuckle and he often sits out to sun on the gate in the afternoon. In consequence, he and I have developed quite a friendship as I frequently use the back gate on the way to the shed.

Here he's showing off his dewlap. As this behavior is seen primarily when an anole is protecting his territory or possibly when he is seeking a mate I'll let you be the judge of how one-sided our friendship may be. In fact, it's just possible that on the afternoon of this shot he might have been muttering under his breath about pesky humans mucking up his routine. As green anoles have very little voices we may never know.

Here in Southern Mississippi we are having an absolutely gorgeous spring. The new growth is just such a brilliant and alive green. The heat has yet to be oppressive. It's a beautiful time to be in the south. I wish you could all stop by for a cool glass of mint tea, made with mint picked in the garden. It would be lovely.


  1. Wow! When I lived in BC, I would see salamanders and frogs, but I've never seen a little guy like this! He's very unique looking.

  2. The first time my wife visited Florida to see me (she's from Nebraska) she was totally taken aback (in a good way) over these creatures. They were so common to me, that I didn't even notice them. To this day, even though we now live in Nebraska, she brings up these little guys.

  3. I also love these little guys and your mint tea is lovely. I could really go for a glass right now especially if I could just sit on the porch for a while.

  4. Your picture is amazing, great capture of his true self. I am a bit jealous of the mint tea, any tea would be great right now *S*. Hope you both are enjoying your time and beautiful days.

  5. Y'all have got one similar who lives just to your left as you go out the back door at work. There is a tiny little crack under one of the bricks where he scoots when you disturb him sunning himself right where you are walking. Good thing he is fast.

  6. kate, colorful isn't he?

    jadedj, even thoush the range for these is supposed to go over into Texas where I grew up, I never saw them until I lived here. I just love his bright green color.

    Sis, I'm having some mint tea right now. Yummy.

    Lu, thanks. Gosh, the last few days have been beautiful, haven't they. I enjoyed visiting yesterday at lunch.

    Fin, I've seen that guy. It is a good thing he is fast.

  7. I love this shot. You captured him well, and I bet he enjoys watching you as much as you do him.

    Enjoy the gorgeous weather *hugs* I wish I could visit and sit out on your porch for some tea or coffee :)

  8. Wiz, it would be nice if you could stop by for a visit!

  9. who knew such exotic creatures lived in North America?


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