Friday, April 17, 2009


Perhaps I mentioned, that I'm a bit enamored of the Green Anole. Forgive me, while I wax eloquent about a little green lizard. I know this is a bit foreign. Lizards after all aren't polite dinner conversation and are likely to get you an incredulous look and raised eyebrows from the traditional set. However, I'm sure those that wander through these doors will pardon me while I rhapsodize about my new little friend.

I'm truly amazed by this small green guy. His body is so supple and viewed up close, as he is above, he looks a collage of different color and textures. Who knew that such a small creation could encompass such a palette? Notice, the delicate blue around the eye, the copper tint to the snout, and the brilliant green textures running down his back. He is simply a natural work of art.

Tonight, Fin and I are off to hear the lady that speaks about frogs. This activity is part of the Pascagoula River Nature Fest. I'm very glad we have the chance to hear her as I've already missed two oppotunities to hear her speak on local frogs. (I know you all are terribly envious of Fin. I mean really, what could be more entertaining than a Friday night out at a frog lecture?)

Happy weekend everyone.

Post Script: We made it to the frogs. Poor long suffering Fin was bored out of his gourd but very good humored about it all. It is a true trial to be in a relationship with a developing naturalist. Poor, poor man.


  1. I am so glad to see you back to blogging, your stories keep me on edge. It is wonderful to see the nature through someone else's eyes, you have such a talent with words.

    Maybe next time frog lady comes around, we can go together (Patricia might sit through that and enjoy it) -Lu

  2. Wow! He really is a work of art. You're very good at capturing his beauty!

  3. Lu, thanks so much. I enjoyed the frog lady but I'm afraid that even with a nature hike thrown in it's not quite family friendly.

    Kate, thank you. The sun that day highlighted him perfectly.

  4. Yummy! Not! Beautiful, yes. I think the little lizards are so sweet, in the fact that they love skeeters! Awesome shot of this one and the one in the post below. :)

    When I lived on the 15 floor here in my apartment building, can you believe a brown lizard was walking right up the wall in my living room!?

    It had to come from the outside, but also had to walk up the side of the building from the ground!

    Amazing creatures!

  5. Did you happen to catch the Nature Episode of The Current Condition of Frogs? I found it very informative. Love your photos. It's funny my wife the librarian would have been bored at this kind of meeting too. I kid her all the time that she's allergic to nature! Good Luck in your adventures into nature!

    -Richard Baas

  6. So! These are anoles! I enjoy photographing them, too.
    This is one of my favourite shots:

  7. Beautiful. Bethany, do you know if they change colors to camoflauge themselves? I'll have to share with you one that I took on some pecans when I was at mom and dads. Could be this guy's brother/sister, only he was brownish, the same color as the pecans he was walking on.

    Fin is definitely a good sport. I hope you had a great time *hugs* I miss yáll!

  8. Came back for another look. They do change colors, Wizzy...when they feel threatened, they turn a very bland brown. When there is a ummmm....babe around, they are a brighter green and their eye makeup stands out.

  9. Judy, I actually watched one of these guys grab a little flying insect out of the air one day. He was so fast, it was amazing. I support any creature that eats insects in southern Mississippi. Much like Florida, we have more than we want.

    Richard, I didn't catch the episode but someone did tell me about it. I'm going to try to find it.

    burstmode, that is a beautiful photo. I love the detail around the eye. Wow.

    Wiz, like burstmode said they do change colors. Here, they can turn a very dark brown. They do change in part due to their surroundings, just between green in brown. That variant has led them to be mistakenly called chameleons. I'm sure the one at your parent's place was the same type of fellow. Miss you too and hugs back at 'ya.

    Maggs, I think so myself. :)

  10. For the record, Fin considers being in a relationship with a developing naturalist to be the high point of my life.

    I miss you bigtime.

  11. I spent hours and hours at one point, in Miami, just watching the secret life of lizards. Smaller, brown version of that species.


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