Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Gate To Nowhere

Well, hasn't it been a long time? Sadly, I'm offline at the moment as my laptop has succumbed to three years of heavy use. It has in fact decided to take a well needed vacation, at the end of which it will go for out patient surgery and have a new keyboard installed. I've found it quite difficult to type anything without using the letters q,w,e,r,u,i,o,or p. And, cutting and pasting one letter at a time will only take you so far. Thus, you can see that blogging is at the moment a bit difficult.

Above, you will see the gate I built. Said gate, has caused me to feel that the Irish should create a new blessing similiar in vein to "May the road rise up to meet you" except more like, "May you always move into a home with a supply of cast-off lumber in the shed." I know, not as poetic but certainly as valuable.

That's right my gate cost practically nothing. Although, I'm sure the neighbors did wonder why in the world I planted a gate in the middle of the side yard.

I'm sure you all will be glad to know that I have since added a garden fence and even a garden to my gate. Tomatoes, eggplant, corn, peppers, squash... cross your fingers. I'm hoping they actually make vegetables.


  1. Aye, 'tis a bonnie gate for sure, and I hope your fence is, in fact, bunny-proof. And Armidillo. And Binky. And Snapping Turtle.

  2. hm, sounds like you have been very ambitious...


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