Sunday, August 2, 2009

All in the Family

I've yet to write about the new addition to the family. The FinMan and I decided it would be appropriate to choose the next canine companion together. We took the opportunity of a this summer long visit to find our new Hound Dawg, Copper.

I will have you know that the American Kennel Club believes above Hound Dawg to be a Basset Hound. Don't laugh, we even have their registered seal of approval telling us it is so, along with three generations of bloodlines. Don't let the goofy grin fool you. He is very noble indeed as his full name is Copper Knight.

One well versed in the world of canines may in fact doubt the veracity of the AKC's paperwork when noticing the impressive size, height, and overall largeness of this Bassett. In the words of Copper's former owner's vet, "What we have here is a throwback gene or somebody else snuck into the kennel."

I'm sure that Hound Dawg's frame, which is still growing, came as quite a shock to the family that bought him. Said family, had retirement in sight, a RV the size of my home (Caravan for some of my overseas readers), and a yen to hit the road. It's hard to see our Hyper Hound Dawg as the ideal RV'ing companion.

This is how our registered hound came to be "free to a good home" on Craigslist and found his way to our neck of the woods. Hound Dawg turned one year old the week after he moved in. (You'll all be glad to know that he had a party complete with cake, pineapple upside down cake.) I'll be the first to admit having a young dog around is quite the adjustment. For a while there, it felt like a canine invasion. Everywhere I looked I saw something associated with Hound Dawg; leashes, treats, towels, toys, brushes, food, etc, etc. Thankfully,the dog paraphernalia is now mostly corralled. Fin says, Copper is in his teenage years. Let me tell you, teenage canines come with a lot of stuff.

That said, he sure is a lot of fun. He and I took our first trip to the beach this evening. He didn't really know what to think of those gentle waves at the beach. I think he found them disconcerting. He definitely did like all the new smells.

At the end of the day, Basset or not, he's all hound and smelling about with that big ol' nose is his thing.


  1. I think he was a wonderful choice and we are very lucky he is smart and anxious to please.

    I am particularly happy that in three solid weeks he has only barked once. Of course that one time echoed off the woods and gave me goosebumps.

  2. He is a very beautiful dog, can't wait to meet him. We are so glad you were able to find such a wonderful addition to your family!

    B - alittle jealous of the beach pictures though, waiting my turn *S* ---Lu

  3. Fin, we are lucky!

    Lu, that's kind of fallen of the radar, hasn't it? We do need to get on that. About meeting Copper, I'll be honest he's a bit nicer to look at than to pet, he did get that Basset slobber thing. Ick!

  4. He's adorable and I can't wait to meet him.

    I love the photos, and it looks like we are going to be entering the world of puppies again soon. Probably the first of the year, but it will be my first inside doggie to raise froma pup, so it should be interesting.


  5. Bob, thanks. Hope you get to meet him one of these days. Apart from the typical hound slobberishness, he's alright!

    Wiz, I had fun trying to balance the camera the leash and him. :) It was a nice walk. I'm very excited about your dog. I looked at images on the web and the breed looks just suited to Mr. M. They will make quite a pair.

  6. Coop looks very photogenic with the sunset and the beach in the background.

  7. Maybe a throwback gene, huh? Mutant? Looks like a fun and intelligent creature to me. He has a kindly face

  8. fragilewisdom, he does doesn't he. It was about the pefect time to be at the beach.

    John, he's a sweet mutant. Fin's quite attached. The jury is still out with about the intelligence. So far, he's learned that if he sits he gets almost anything he wants and he thinks "heel" means "treat".

  9. Lovely photos of Copper! Very pleased to know he has a beach to play on & explore.

    Welcome to the family, BlawgDawg! :)


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