Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Internet Celebrity

Okay, perhaps not celebrity but yesterday afternoon, Fin and I made a webcam debut over on the Big Rig Travels Live Truckcam. (To the left, Truck Kat and I may be observed waving at the camera. Photo by Fin.)

Big Rig Travels consists of a talented photographing trucker, one sweet furball of a truck kat, and a webcam pointed out the front window watching the US roll by. The Big Rig Travels team has been the focus of a couple different magazine articles, won Earthcams 25 Most Interesting Webcams of 2008, and most importantly the team has opened the beauty of the US to many people that may not ever get to run the roads the way this trucker does.

It was a pleasure meeting Big Rig Steve and his sidekick Truck Kat. (Though judging from the blog and Road Crew Lounge that are part of the Big Rig Steve Community, Truck Kat may actually be the star of this show.) When Big Rig heard that all the librarians back at the library and some children were watching our little meet up he graciously sent along some Big Rig Travels pens and cards, along with a few copies of the magazine Trucker News that featured Big Rig Travels. All in all, it was a great meeting and well worth postponing my lunch break from the library so that we could drive down to I-10 for the meeting.

A big thanks to my friend, LunchtimeLu, who sat at home and helped us know when Big Rig was leaving the interstate for our rendevous!


  1. In this photo, Bethany is holding Truck Cat and they are waving at the front of the truck. Passing folks might think it looks a little strange, but that wave was seen 'live' by folks from the UK to Tacoma to New Zealand.

  2. Yeah Big Rig, thanks again for allowing me to journey via internet. - Lu

  3. Thanks for the nice blog post! It was good to meet you as well! :)

  4. Sweet.
    Nice of him to stop by.
    Kids get a kick out of seeing trucks up close - I am part of Trucker Buddies and they are always asking when I'm going to stop by with the truck : )
    Nice job!

  5. Thank you Fin for the clarification.

    Lu, that was fun wasn't it?

    BigRigSteve, thanks so much for stopping by, both in person and via the internet. Fin and I both thought of you while you passed back through our stretch of I-10 this afternoon and enjoyed watching as you crossed the Pascagoula River, one of my favorite kayaking spots.

    Ben, that was nice, wasn't it. I know the kids do like anything big... especially trucks.

  6. Great post & photo! :)

    Saw BigSteve's site and Truck Kat's gallery & bio. Amazing pics & stories. Haven't seen the webcam live yet - but what a GREAT way to see the US.

  7. Great post & photo! :)

    And - BigRigSteve & Truck Kat - what a great way to share the view from the road across the US. :)

  8. [Oops! Sorry for the duplicate commenting! Connection blipped while leaving first comment.]

  9. Tea, those crazy connection things happen all the time. Remember how bad the double posting used to be on JS?

    Aren't TK and Big Rig Steve fun? Hope you get a chance to watch the webcam. I know it may be difficult with the time difference. Right the instant he is near my neck of the woods again, headed to a town about an hour and a half away.

  10. I also got to meet Steve and TK in Jackson MS. He is a very talented man and TK is just a big sweet ball of fur. I realy enjoy his website but most of all i love to see the USA through his windshield. Safe travels to my tour guide and his Queen...


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