Sunday, August 9, 2009

Unexpected Consequences

I have a lot of little friends. Not small in heart, intelligence or understanding, just actual literal small future adult friends. This is the product of being the storytime lady from the library. What can one do? I'm a hit with the under five crowd.

This also means that each Fall a few of my storytime crew wander off to that great big institution of no return, Public School. This year I had quite a few entering the school doors in pursuit of some learn-in. In fact, they started school last week. My little friend Patricia started on Wednesday.

Occasionally, I become good friends with parents of the little future adult people. This is the case with my friend "Lunchtime Lu", who started out as "Patricia's Mom". As Lunchtime Lu and I are now friends outside the confines of the library, I visit with her family on a regular basis and this compelled me to draw a simple little cartoon wishing Patricia well in Kindergarten. I sent it on its way via the US Postal Service and after a couple of days the picture found its way to Patricia's mailbox.

Patricia is very big on receiving mail. But then, who isn't big on receiving mail? Don't we all love to get actual real mail? (Not the stuff in business envelopes reminding us of our obligations.)

On the day Patricia received her mail she was very excited. She noticed that I'd given cartoon Patricia a pink backpack and she saw that cartoon Patricia was called Princess Patricia. Like a very sweet and well raised little person she called me at the library to thank me.

It was only later that I heard about the unexpected (at least to me) consequences. In drawing cartoon Patricia I naturally drew a crown atop her noggin. Going with the name Patricia it was also natural to go alliterative and label cartoon Patricia, Princess Patricia. Sadly, it seems that this created quite a crisis along the lines of, "I want to wear my tiara to Kindergarten."

Hmmm... I wonder where she got that idea that tiaras are de rigueur in Kindergarten?


  1. Lol, I hope that is the only crisis Princess Patricia and Lunchtime Lu face this week. :)

  2. You're having an influence on those kids that will last a lifetime.
    I run into kids I have either coached or ministered to occasionally that are grown up - they recognize me (though older, still pretty much the same) I never recognize them because their features have changed so much!

  3. fragilewisdon, you will be glad to know that so far so good. Princess Patricia is loving Kindergarten and just began the "royal" dance lessons... she is in heaven!!!! -Lu

  4. Thanks all of you! From what I've heard, I think that Princess Patricia is adjusting well and having a great time.


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