Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Great Blue Lunch

I found a nice little salt marsh on my lunchtime walk today. I was so excited to see this Great Blue Heron fishing alongside some Snowy Egrets.

I mean "ridiculously, I'm pretty sure it's not normal" excited. I mean almost late getting back from lunch excited. Excited.

I've never actually been able to take a photo of a Great Blue before. I've been in my kayak or as happened last week when one flew over on my visit to the La Pointe Krebs House I was juggling phone and camera and missed it entirely.

Yep, I was excited.

I don't think Great Blue was excited. I don't think Great Blue even noticed me.


  1. I bet if you take him fish he'd notice you. :)

  2. Wiz, maybe so. I had salmon for lunch that day but I don't think salmon is in his regular diet. :) I wonder if he eats mullet?

  3. They sure are. I was surprised to see how large the legs were on this heron. Huge. It was very interesting to finally see one "up close".


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