Sunday, January 24, 2010

And, The Saints Go Marching In

Pardon me, while I talk a little American Football. Yes my international friends, I know pads, running, stopping a lot and it all sometimes seems a wimpy game to those of you that play with the round balls but tonight it's exciting nonetheless.

Tonight, the New Orleans Saints won their game and they are headed to the Super Bowl. As I live about 100 miles from New Orleans and the Superdome, you can imagine that things are in a bit of an uproar here.

As some of you know, Big Sis lives in New Orleans. Tonight, driving in from my house she arrived at her apartment to hear yelling from the apartment building next to hers. She got out of her truck and looked over at the other building, the apartment with open windows from which all the noise was pouring. There was a man screaming and he sounded angry, a woman was screaming. "Oh no" she thought, "Domestic violence". Then, she realized they were watching the game.

After the Saints won in overtime with a field goal, she called to tell me that the entire street sounded as if they had been transported to stadium. Everyone was out yelling and celebrating, fireworks were going off, general pandemonium reigned. Sounds like a lot of fun.

I know, tomorrow there will be a lot of celebrating around the proverbial water cooler. Congratulations Saints!

(The above photo is from a walk in the New Orleans French Quarter a few years ago. Notice the disco ball, I kind of want one for my porch but I have a feeling Fin might think it was tacky.)


  1. LOL, seriously, LAUGHING OUT LOUD!

  2. I'm laughing out loud too about Fin's comment.. hehehe TOo funny!

    I am SO thrilled that the Saints won. I'll admit not being a real fan of football, but I've always followed the Saints and when I woke up the first thing I did was try to find out if they won or not. I'll admit shedding a few tears of joy because I'm SO thrilled that they are finally headed to their first Super Bowl and against Peyton Manning no less- the boy whose dad played with the Saints when I was growing up.

    I bet Nawlin's has never seen such a party- and if they win the bowl? I can't even imagine- Mardi Gras won't have nothing on them.

  3. Wiz, it's going to be an exciting game. Even though, I grew up following the Cowboys I'm also thrilled for New Orleans and the Saints fans. It's a pretty contagious kind of thing. I'll definitely be watching the Super Bowl.

  4. Was listening to that playoff game! Broadcast live on BBC radio with BBC commentators actually there in the Superdome. Fantastic atmosphere.

    Shamefully I confess to falling asleep during the second half! but to mitigate that, let me explain that the playoff was taking place in the early hours of the morning in this timezone and yes I was in bed ...

    Only after the game ended did I realise that the Saints have never been to the Super Bowl before. They have a lot of support over here in the UK, partly as a result of the aftermath of Katrina and also due to their appearance in London at the 2008 NFL International Series game which they won.

    Yes, the Super Bowl will be broadcast live on TV over here too.

    GO SAINTS !!!! :D

  5. PS: Just to share this LOLcat cartoon :)

  6. Tea, LOVED that LOLcat! I had no idea the Super Bowl will actually be broadcast in your neck of the woods. Wild! I'll be watching it myself with a few good friends. I'm looking forward to it.


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