Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Gift... myself. I gathered the photo-ing equipment and waded into the grass in the field next door for a self-portrait session. I know my neighbors think I'm crazy.

Fin's on Long Island but nonetheless we've had a nice day, cards exchanged between the States.

Happy Valentine's Day all. Hope you all made it a good day for yourself.


  1. Love the photo! -Lu

  2. Thanks, Girl Blogger, for being my valentine. And the center of my life. I looked back at some of our past Valentines Days when we were together, and we have had some very wonderful times together. I look forward to many years more.

    And, you look gorgeous, too!!

  3. What a lovely picture - keep the neighbors guessing!

    It's so cool to have "watched" your relationship unfold over the years, too. Thanks for sharing your story with us, both of you!

  4. Lu and Big Sis, thank you both. :)

    Fin Darling, thank you. There have been so many good times. And, I know there are many more good times ahead. I love you.

    Intelli, thank you. For the record I count you as one of the many blog friends that are part of "our" story. After all, if it weren't for JS and the blogosphere our story never would have begun.

  5. You look gorgeous! Happy Valentine's Day. Sorry you two had to be apart today, but hope you'll be in the same State again soon.


  6. Thanks Wiz, he's working on things in the snowy north but surely he'll be south again soon. :)

  7. Thanks, CF. Experimenting with colors. :)


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