Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back From the Brink

Happy Computer Resuscitation Day. Oh what, no one else is celebrating? Oh, well then, Happy Mardi Gras instead. Here in the south Mardi Gras is a serious holiday.

I've mentioned before, (possibly not on this blog but definitely on my old blog, the one hosted on the site that crashed and burned with almost five years of my blog life)that the library is closed on Fat Tuesday. All the banks and federal offices were closed yesterday but today, in the south, the library is closed.

As it turns out, this was very good timing for me as it allowed me to focus on the implosion/meltdown/life altering failure of my laptop, which occurred late Sunday evening. The other good news is that the Finman, ultimate romantic, bought me an external drive for Christmas and almost all my files and photos are safely ensconced therein. The drive is about a gazillion gigs, so it's nice and roomy.

My laptop definitely seems like it will live to blog another day and now I'm working on getting things tidy-ed up and programs reinstalled. Hallelujah! It was touch and go there as whatever buggy bug shutting me down was also making it impossible to reinstall my operating system, truly ugly. UGLY.

Now of course, a new laptop is on my short list. This one is, after all, nearing it's fifth birthday. In my panic, I did do a little research. The laptop I picked for a replacement is Promise Pink.

Not of course, (ahem) that I would allow color to sway my purchasing decision.(Promise Pink) I am after all an adult.(Promise Pink) I looked at the RAM, Hard Drive size and read some reviews.(Promise Pink) I didn't have it picked out the minute I saw the color choices.(Promise Pink) I mean really, this is important and represents a lot of money.

Disclaimer: In real life, the Finman is actually much more romantic that me. I wanted an external hard drive just as much as he wanted to gift me one. He's the one that remembers all the important dates.

Photo: The photo was taken at the Old Spanish Fort Cemetery (La Pointe Krebs House) in Pascagoula, Ms.


  1. Well, romantic or not, I, for one, am VERY glad that you had used your recent present as intended, and for me anyhow, it took a LOT of the strain off the time when you were working your (impressive) magic on your battered incumbent laptop.

  2. Okay, I must admit at first glance at your pic I thought that a bikini had been placed at graveside and due to the mardi gras theme I wouldn't have doubted it; however, I now realize that it is flowers layed down...whew....*S* So glad the computer is up and running and love the choice with the gig(Promise Pink), drive (promise Pink), etc...(promise Pink), can't wait to see it. -Lu

  3. Fin, I am SOOO glad that all my photos are on the e drive. What a relief. Thank you again for your kind and considerate gift. :)

    Lu, you know, now that you point it out, I see what you see in that photo. Don't now know when I'll get the new computer as I no longer absolutely "need" it but hopefully sometime this year.

  4. Well, I am glad that you saved your data.

  5. Wheewww for at least having all your info backed up so that you didn't lost it all. That was a great investment and gift from the Finman indeed! You know, I think when you get a new laptop you should consider getting Promise Pink... Don't know why, just think that color would suit you :)

    HOpe you enjoyed your Mardi Gras and am happy that you were at least able to get your laptop working again. Maybe it's something you should treat yourself to, now that you have the new job and all :)

  6. Wiz, hmmm Promise Pink you say, what a good idea. I'll think about it. I think I'll actually be ordering the laptop today. :) This one's up and and running but it crashed on me again and I had another reload. Definitely time to get that new one.

  7. I would totally get a pink computer if one were available. And one of the best presents I ever got was a belt sander.

  8. I do love my sander, so I can definitely understand. I think I'm going to love my pink computer too.

  9. PS Re speaking at your library and being on Oprah. They're in poor health and drink heavily. So there is that. :)


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