Monday, February 22, 2010

Dog Days

Doesn't the Hound Dawg have a hard life? Notice that pained expression? He's very good at that!

Promise Pink laptop on the way as the one I'm currently typing on is still not without "issues". I'm very excited because with the amount of memory on the new Promise Pink, I should be able to tear through photo edits while researching God knows what and I think it may cook dinner for me too. And, did I mention that I chose Promise Pink?


  1. Chippy and Copper look very cozy together! -Lu

  2. He is getting so BIG! I miss you both.

    You most.

  3. Yayyy for the Promise Pink!!! You deserve it!

    I love the picture. I can't wait to meet Copper.

  4. Lu, They do... he thinks the "new" chippy is comfortable too.

    Fin, I know and HEAVY. We miss you too.

    Wiz, that meet and greet is just around the corner, isn't it. I'm preparing you in advance, if we can't manage to pound some manners into his lovely head then you may enjoy him in photos more than in person. Altough, to give the boy credit, he's much more genteel than when we first brought him home. :)

  5. He can't be nearly as bad as JJ. He looks so laid back and relaxed. Something JJ only appears to have when he's sleeping haha.


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