Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Different Day, A Different Season

Last May, my Favorite Pilot took me flying around Long Island. I can't remember the goal of the flight but we did fly over an estate where my pilot would play a band job the following day. This particular stretch was on the way. In reality, I have no idea where this is, apart from Long Island, but I know a guy that knows the island, and I have no doubt that he could tell you.

Today, a co-worker and friend (a woman) told me, "Girl, you have good legs." Now, in my mind the reality is that I'm a short round female closer to 40 than I want to be and pushing the envelope with black footless tights and a black mini-dress most likely more appropriate to someone literally at this point, half my age. Yet, I have to admit, that kind and spontaneous comment had this 30-something shorty walking tall. So today, thanks to complimentary co-workers that help keep the hounds of age in check.


  1. Yeah, see playing nice does pay off!*S* -Lu

  2. I'd really enjoy flying around like that!
    (BTW, the outfit you describe looks lovely on many different ages!)

  3. Thanks Kate. Yes, I love to fly like that too. (As long as I've taken those wonderful little motion pills.)

  4. Ahhh it would be so fun to fly around like that. I'd love it. I did once in a helicopter and had a blast!

    I bet you looked great :)

  5. I do enjoy flying with Fin. Only wish I had more opportunity to go.


Please play nicely.