Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Weather Vane

Milton, the incredibly furry weather vane.

It was bit chilly out this afternoon but the sun peeked out and of course I had more time to enjoy the sun thanks to Daylight Savings Time. Fun evening watching the Hound Dawg tear through the forest and Milton supervising the two of us.


  1. That is too cute to see him perched up there.

    Hope all is well with you two!

  2. How did you talk Milton into posing like that?

  3. But what about the pit bulls?! How can you let your cat out? What if Milton gets eaten by the pit bulls?

  4. Chiang Guy, I promise no ladders or glue were necessary for the pursuit of this photo. Actually, Milton is like the GQ Model of cat. He's always ready for the spotlight.

    CF, lol. Milton's got street smarts. Thus, he's outsideable. Laverne and Shirley are too pretty to have street smarts.

    Wiz, thanks.

  5. What a cool looking cat.


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