Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gazing Pool

Would you believe, this is the Hound Dawg's water bowl?

If he can't have a drink directly from the bathtub (I know, silly dog) he likes a deep dish he can sink his head into, literally. He sticks his nose under the water and blows bubbles.

I laugh every time.


  1. I love how you can turn something so simple into something beautiful:) Hope all is well, we miss ya!

  2. I think Hound Dawg and JJ would be pals- because JJ does the same thing (with the head and the bubble blowing) Have you ever given him ice cubes? I put them in JJ's bowl and he bobs for them likeapples. It's hilarious.

    I can't wait to meat hound dawg.

  3. Tamra, thank you. I miss you folks as well. Hopefully, we'll have a chance to catch up soon.

    Wiz, Hound Dawg isn't really interested in ice cubes. We keep trying but he isn't buying. Tennison loved them as much as dog treats. I hope Copper's on good behavior when you all meet. He can be a bit overwhelming.

  4. Wow. Great picture. Your pictures always come out great.


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