Monday, September 20, 2010

Neighborhood Alligator

Fin and I went to the National Seashore Park in Ocean Springs a couple of weeks ago. We took Hound Dawg and our bikes and spent some time hanging out. Every time we go, we like many others, check in and see if the park Alligator is in his usual spot. Lately, he's been very consistent in his choice of locale. He must like the attention. Silly Alligator.

I've been working on another blog this weekend. Pop in and take a look, The Practical Omnivore.


  1. You know- I've only seen that alligator once. I haven't been there in years- I think this trip I'll definitely have to go again :) I'm glad y'all got to see him :)

  2. Hi Bethany :) Yay! I'm glad you and Fin got to see this alligator too ! We have one here in Lake Maggorie , called "Old Grand Dad" And it's been around for decades, so the "stories" go, lol.
    There used to be boat races there once a year, but not now.

  3. We have a crocodile called Eric who is reputed to be over 50 years old....

  4. Would it be inappropriate for me to say that alligator is kinda tasty? :-)

    We must be on some similar wavelength, because today I just saw that the university where my kid goes has an MA in Gastronomy, and was truly bemoaning the fact that I didn't know about this before I got halfway through my master's in education.

  5. Wiz, this one seems to be there just about every time we go. We really get a kick out of watching him.

    Sunny, the ones that stay around a long time are kind of fun. (As long as no one feeds them. I've heard some bad stories about when they get used to people.)

    Maggs, now see, Crocodiles scare me.

    Bobbi, oh we like our Alligator. He's at the national park.

    Intelli, LOL! You know, I've never had alligator. An MA in Gastronomy does sound like a lot of fun.

  6. I can't imagine running into one of those!

  7. I've kind of gotten used to it because of the kayaking. Always a bit of a scare when they're in the water with you.


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