Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall Nights

Here on the gulf coast, the suddenness of fall always takes me by surprise. You begin to sense that slight change in the air that tells you that even though it's still muggy and hot, Fall is around the corner.

Then, within the course of a week it seems we go from sweltering heat to temps that entice you to open the windows at night. The days are still hot, but the nights, Oh, they are scrumptious!

Above Photo: A nice approaching Fall memory with the Finman.


  1. It is just like you descrbe right here. The temps are in the 60's at night and very briefly hit the mid 80's for a short burst.

    Wonderful weather for running.

    I am already getting cold when I go to the beach however. Almost time for a spring suit...


  2. Finman misses you particularly tonight when the air outside is so sweet and clean smelling.

  3. Me and the cats are oving the cooler evenings here in Atlanta. A couple more weeks and the days will hopefully be less humid and pleasanter too. I am not however enjoying the drive home in the dark. :( I'm going to miss the longer days.

  4. I'm glad you are getting some cooler weather there.

  5. Bobby, it's still pretty warm during the day. Of course, I have to dress like I'm on an Arctic adventure for my office so I haven't really been that bothered by it.

    Fin, I would love to be there. I know it's a beautiful time of year on LI.

    O, I do love the long days of summer. I'll be driving home in the dark too. I really dislike that time of year when I leave home when it's almost dark and then get home in the dark. There's no time to be outside at all.

    Chiang Guy, thanks, it is nice.

  6. I have been keeping my eyes on the temps there and I have to say- this is my favorite time of the year. When the humidity changes and even though it's warm during the day- it's no longer unbearable and it makes waking up early nice to know that you're going to be greeted with cooler temps.

  7. Wiz, I went to a soccer game this morning and I have to say, even though it's fall it was approaching unbearable heat. :) I'll be glad when the fall weather is here to stay.


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