Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's the Small Things

The other day I flew on this airplane.  No big deal for many folks, I realize.   However, when I walked up to my gate in Philadelphia and saw this little plane I was incredibly excited.  Strange, huh?

This is a De Havilland Dash 8 and for some reason having to do with the way it looks and the landing gear extending down from the wing, I've been wanting to ride in one since I first saw one fly out of La Gaurdia a few years ago.

The first time I flew I was 19.  I flew from Dallas, Texas to Mexico City, Mexico and I fell in love.  I've never been a fearful flyer.  I loved the take off and landing, the speed, watching the lights on the ground, the whole experience.  However, prior to the Finman I never gave much thought to the vehicle in which I flew.
Being involved with a walking encyclopedia of airplanes both flying and not changes your perspective. 

The first time I flew with Fin as the pilot I had no fear.  It never even occurred to me that I might.  In fact, it wasn't until after many flights together in a small plane that I started noticing small plane accidents on the news.  Now, I do read about them and think about them but it's still a thrill to fly with Fin, my pilot.

Flying with Fin in a small plane also changes perspective.  That's why I was momentarily surprised when I heard people around me speaking about how small the Dash 8 was. 

As for my inaugural Dash 8 flight, I had a great time.  I sat in the first seat by the door, without a seat partner and with the propellers powering along, not overwhelming loud but reassuringly real, sounding just right, thrumming through the plane.  I soon dozed off and woke over the Atlantic as we came across to the coast of Long Island. 

For me, it often is the small things.


  1. I believe they call them "Air Pigs" here locally. I have flown on one through a hailstorm and it didn't skip a beat...

  2. That particular model is one of my favorites as well. Just a pleasing puppy with no bad habits, and built tough for use in rugged country.

  3. I like those planes. They are more comfortable than the last airbus I was on.

  4. Wonderful, wondrous post!! I so relate. In fact, I think we are related in spirit. I too have been in love with flying - nothing like the change in perspective on all flights when you have been in a Cessna 150 !! *s*.

  5. Bobby, they seem like sturdy little birds.

    Fin, thanks for the comment honey.

    John, it was comfortable, especially on the front row.

    Maggs, you always make me smile. We really must meet up one of these days. Yes, nothing like seeing the world from a Cessna. They are fun little machines.

  6. The few times I've flown in plans this size the pilot has stowed my luggage, which always makes me smile for some reason -- I guess it's like checking into a hotel where the concierge, the bell hop and the manager are all the same person. It gives it a small, personal touch feel.

  7. KIT, I do like the smaller planes. They are definitely more personal.


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