Thursday, November 11, 2010

Live Free

Another blogging friend wrote the other day about The Power of Graffiti at her blog, Backroads Photo Blog.  I found it interesting as I've begun a collection of train graffiti photographs.

My "new" library sits immediately next to some very busy train tracks.  I work in a port town and I see plenty of freight winding its way along the tracks.  I'm constantly amazed by the artwork also traveling the tracks.  

I know that I'm supposed appalled by the innate crimminal-ness of this train art (graffiti) but truly, it's simply too colorful and often fun to despise.

Of course, if my train art photo collection harbors nefarious sentiments about gang violence or tags, I'm likely to never know.  I'm okay with that kind of ignorance.  I'm just enjoying the colors winding the way along the track and contemplating the idea that these huge art installations may be among the most well-traveled art in the world.

Friends, I leave you with my most favorite train art quotation to date, "Live Free and Stay True!" 


  1. beauty lives wonderfully in the most unexpected of places.

  2. You understand this! I knew I wasn't alone. Thanks for posting this and I just love the message on that rail car. The artwork on that car really is quite pretty.

  3. Those guys are contemporary artists...

    I recall this sort of thing as a teenager.


  4. I love it- I know the train area of which you speak. Maybe I need to pay it a visit when I'm home,

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  6. Wildstorm, I do, I do understand. :)

    Bobby, I think they are.

    Wiz, you should come down one day for lunch and we can either picnic and watch the trains of go to one of the downtown restaurants. (I have a new favorite.)


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