Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Countdown, Christmas Eve Gift

Copper, was a little bored with decorating the Christmas tree.
I can't remember if I've ever blogged about the Christmas Eve Gift.  The "C" family has a long tradition of Christmas Eve Gifting other family members.  To my knowledge, no actual gifts have ever changed hands.  
The objective is to beat any other family member to saying "Christmas Eve Gift".  My preferred method is to shout "Christmas Eve Gift" in a tone indicating my superiority in winning the Christmas Eve Gift contest.  However, a quiet "Christmas Eve Gift" can be just as effective and has the added benefit of taking the one being "gotten" by surprise.  
In theory, the "gotten" would then produce a gift for the "winning" family member.  As I stated, I've never actually seen gifts exchanged.  In my thinking, it's just an acknowledgement of your craftiness and/or quick thinking when you "win".  Great extremes have been taken in the pursuit of the Christmas Eve Gift.

My GrandmotherC was a master of the art.  (It didn't hurt that she got to tailor the rules.)
I would tell you all "Christmas Eve Gift" but I think a blanket Christmas Eve Gift is against the rules and unsporting.


  1. Merry Christmas Bethany and Fin!

  2. Thanks, BG, for as nice a Christmas as I can remember in decades.

  3. You too KIT!

    Thank you Honey. I'm so glad you enjoyed the day. I did too.


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