Saturday, December 25, 2010

Chritmas 2010

Christmas 2010, will be remembered as the year I relaxed and enjoyed the season, at least in my mind.  Many of my plans for Christmas were scuttled due to feeling under the weather and I was forced to go with the flow.  It was not a Martha Stewart Christmas.

With people scheduled to come to my house for a Christmas Eve get together and things still to check off my list, I opted to attend the candlelight service at church.  What a blessing.  Then, back home where Big Sis and I finished preps for a late buffet style dinner. Once the family assembled it was time for a nice long chat with Big Brother in Thailand and after a relaxed meal, my Father read from Luke 2 and The Finman played us carols on the piano.  Christmas day dawned rainy and cold but a warm spirit was found at my parent's house for Christmas dinner and presents.  It was an absolutely wonderful holiday! 

Here are a few pics of our "family" from the season.
The Hound Dawg gazes longingly toward the kitchen, notice the tail of his Christmas bow.

Milton manages to look grumpy even though he's warm, cozy, and out of the rain.

The Hound Dawg manages to fall asleep while gazing longingly towards the kitchen.

And last, as if this entry doesn't have enough media, here's a little of video of Milton "enjoying" his new Christmas toy.


  1. Seeing the gifts that you have chosen with so much thought and care being appreciated is so heart warming. Milton is not very good in that department is he? lol

  2. I'm glad you and "Finman" had such a lovely Christmas in spite of feeling under the weather. Now it's almost time to wish both of you a Happy New Year to top things off! {hugs}

  3. B, glad you had a good Christmas and were able to go with the flow and enjoy it. Nice pics of the family. :)

  4. I am thrilled peace and joy came to visit and stayed. You and Fin look so happy. I am delighted for you all.

  5. It sounds like a great Christmas, replete with live music. Maybe Milton is prone to short fits of catatonia. Or short fits of consciousness. Now if you left him alone there with a roll of toilet paper, I'll bet he would have managed a lot of activity, as long as no one was looking.

  6. Love the picture (the walls look great and the window shelf is wonderful!!!!) Glad it was a good christmas. Hope to see you this week! - Lu

  7. FragileWisdom, Milton is often unimpressed but sooo cuddly.

    Dorrie, it was a nice Christmas. Happy New Year to you.

    CG, yours sounded nice as well. I'm impressed with your biking goals.

    Maggs, thank you. It looked like you had a nice holiday as well.

    John, the live music always makes things special. My family is very lucky to have gained a real live musician.

    Lu, thanks. I was really pleased with the colors in the photos this year, no canary yellow in sight. It was nice to talk yesterday, hope you guys have a good week. :)

    Kate, thank you.

  8. Happy belated Christmas (I figure it should be a week-long party, not just one day!) and wishes for a splendid New Year! I love the hound dawg pics -- makes me miss my ol' bassett buddy. Maybe Milton needs some 'nip on that toy?

  9. Happy/Merry Christmas to you Intelli. Milton actually did enjoy the toy, eventually.

  10. Great pictures and great post!!!

    Glad you all had a Merry Christmas.



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