Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Lunch at Pascagoula Beach, Semipalmated Sandpiper (I think) 12/27/10
I know, New Years Resolutions are so "done". Yet, I have things I want to do in 2011.  What better time to flesh them out than right at the beginning of the year?  So yes, I'm looking ahead.  

If history serves, I won't accomplish everything.  But, if history serves I will accomplish some of the things on my list.

Anybody else charting out a new year?  


  1. I have the usual need to lose weight on my list but also have a few goals in mind for the next year. In general, I would like to better myself in many ways. Reading, excercise, etc. Maybe take a few risky moves such as Sky Diving which I have wanted to do since I was a kid but always end up not doing.

  2. Even though New Years resolutions are so cliche that they have become trivial and worn out, I still believe in them. I actually began making and implementing some of my resolutions a month ago. I need them to structure and chart my year otherwise I will stagnate.

  3. You actually have a pretty decent history of doing what you set out to do. It may take awhile, but you pretty much always seem to get there.

    Randall--nowadays, one can skydive or go hang gliding with very little skill or effort, as these events can be undertaken with an instructor as a dual ride. I did both at one time or another, with an experienced person strapped next to me.

  4. I, too, have been doing my annual emotional and intellectual stocktake. And begin to plan my goals for moving ahead. I am sure you know what feels right for you, and I am certain you will aim towards that and tenacious head that way. Hi, Fin!!

  5. Resolutions? I haven't made any, but maybe I should. You've inspired me. I'll start simple: I need $35 by Tuesday. :)


  6. Nothing different for me than what I already had in mind. I hope to change some things by this time next year, if not sooner.

  7. I have goals for the new year but they are generally numbers and financial projections.

  8. Happy New Year, and I hope you have success with your New Year's Resolutions.

  9. Randall, I like the sound of your goals! I think the sky diving sounds great. I was set to go with some friends a few years ago but for some reason or other it didn't work out. I think I could do a tandem jump if I didn't have a heart attack as I jumped out of the airplane.

    Elisa, I feel the same. It's good to plan ahead.

    Fin thanks. You're pretty good a accomplishing what you set out to do as well. :)

    Maggs, happy New Year. I'm looking forward to seeing what this new year brings you.

    Lowandslow, it's always good to have financial goals. :)

    John, hope it works out well. Fin made sure I read your New Years post. We both enjoyed it greatly. Happy New Year.

    Bobby, those certainly work too. ;)

    CG, thanks and a Happy New Year to you. Hope your goals work out well this year.


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