Tuesday, January 18, 2011


A conversation in the style of The Class Factotum. (Go read her, she's funny AND clever.)

After reading my status on Facebook,

Finman: All of Facebook knows what I'm having for dinner.

Me: I thought I should brag a little. (Dinner was filet mignon w/herbed garlic butter, home fries, and salad?)

Finman: I didn't know we were having salad.

Me: We're not. I lied. I just wrote that because I didn't want everyone to think we are horrible people.

Finman: That's cute.

Admit it, all of you now think we are horrible people. We didn't have a balanced meal, we ate no vegetables, just protein and carbs. We're living like hedonistic children with no restraint. What kind of person sits down to a meal without vegetables to at least pretend to balance out red meat? I lied to all of Facebook to protect our dirty secret.

We are obviously in a moral tailspin.

Photo:My garden, Summer of Aught Nine.


  1. "What kind of person sits down to a meal without vegetables....?"

    Umm....ME! Sounds delish. :)


  2. Count me in and I'll tell a few more lies at the dinner table.

    "It takes two to lie, one to lie and one to listen" - Homer Simpson

    You can eat salad some other time if Fin's gut can take it....


  3. Tonight I had only vegetables and carbs without even a pretense of red meat. lol.

  4. "What kind of person sits down to a meal without vegetables...?"
    A carnivore, or a cannibal. Or both. Not mutually inclusive or exclusive sets.
    I don't think no salad equates to bad people. Of course the world of cows, pigs, and lambs may feel differently.

  5. I think you are both hedonistically, carnivorously delightful!! LOL

  6. Scott, it was yummy!

    Bobby, Fin's never too sure about the vegetables. ;)

    Fragilewisdom, lol.

    John, yes but what about the part where I lied about the salad??

    Maggs, thanks for the vote of confidence. We are. :)

  7. You are too nice! Thank you!

    And I have had many a protein-only meal. Vegetables take way too much work.

  8. CF, lol, vegetables do take too much work. Especially, when you are really just making vegetables for one because the other person isn't really going to eat them.


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