Sunday, January 23, 2011


See all the garden goodies waiting for spring?  I know I am.  I walked around my garden space this morning thinking about the spring.  This is a peek through the gates of a garden art shop on Delmas Ave. in Pascagoula.

Monday morning is really sneaking up on me.  I'll be headed up to Columbus Ms. for a workshop.  It's a new Mississippi locale for me.  I just wish that the Finman, Copper, and Milton would all fit in my suitcase.


  1. Spring will be here in no time. I don't think I've been to Columbus, MS either.
    Have fun

  2. I'm learning to enjoy spring more now that I don't have a yard that needs to be preped for the new growing season. Have fun at your workshop. :)


  3. I have not been to MS ever in my lifetime...

  4. It was the 49th state I ever visited, and that was only across one corner, decades ago.

    Until recently. It was 59 here today, and 13 on LI.

  5. John, not going to actually "see" much of Columbus, got in after dark and now it is raining. :)

    Scott, true those lawns can be time consuming!

    Bobby, some really nice parts of this state.

    Fin, I don't either of us ever imagined we would have such ties to Mississippi.

  6. Here it is midsummer and I am looking at planting tomatoes for winter harvesting ( bear in mind our winters are somewhat mild!! - to put it mildly!!) On the hottest of days I find myself yearning for autumn which isn't that far away - since January is almost all gone.


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