Monday, February 7, 2011


Not much to report here.  It's a Monday.

You see that pretty grass in front of the Egret in the photo.  That is the most hostile stuff.  I got up close and personal with some of that grass once on a river clean-up.  Imagine, sharp spears poking you in the behind and cutting your legs.  Ouch!

Photo: Great White Egret, Pascagoula Ms.


  1. I hope all is okay.... :) Lu

  2. That grass will eat you up. Have you ever stepped on a sandspur?

  3. In Aus , in this state alone we have 128 different varieties of grass... You have my sympathy, and empathy...nothing like a grass slice...spear sharp.. OUCH!!!

  4. Lu, all clear here. Hope all is okay there. I "heard" you're blah.

    Bobby, I have stepped on a sandspur. OUCH, awful, awful things.

    Elisa, yep!

    Maggs, 128? That is impressive.

  5. It could be worse. At least you don't have to mow that kind of grass. (Have I mentioned how much I HATE to mow?)


  6. Ha, Ha! Very true. Though, to be honest I'm not sure that grass could even be machete-ed. So, it's very good it's not someone's lawn.


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