Sunday, March 20, 2011

Guess Where We Went...

The Finman felt that I should label the airplane in the above photo.  Now, everyone will know how impressive my airplane identification skills are.  Of course, in actuality they are Fin's identification skills, but now I know too.  So, be impressed.
We went for about half the day.  It worked out pretty well.  Although, I was surprised that there weren't more planes on display.
Those Blue Angels are fast little boogers! 


  1. Thank you SO much for your superlative navigating and driving skills, getting us on and off the base with no real traffic nightmare, despite 100,000 other people being there!

  2. ....or could it be a Goodyear FG-1D? Whatever, it looks likeit was a fun day. :)


  3. Ha, you two can work out the minutia... I'll just go with Corsair.

  4. It does look like fun! Wish I could have come down this weekend.

  5. believe it or not, I can't name many aircraft either. lol I LOVE the Blue Angles!

  6. That looks like a show I would enjoy! I am (also) suitably imprssed with above mentioned skills..LOL

  7. The Blue angels are so amazing.

  8. I assume you were in Pensacola. When I was there I saw the Blue Angels too. Although they were practicing, not giving a show. I did enjoy the museum at the base. Something neat about old aircraft.

  9. Fragilewisdom, it was fun.

    Dorrie, it was a fun show but of course Fin thought it was better years ago before they had so many regulations.

    Maggs, lol. It really is just borrowed knowledge.

    Fijufic, they are.

    CG, actually, this time they were at a airshow in Biloxi at Keesler. I still haven't made it to the museum.


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