Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top O' the Mornin' to Ya

I have photos coming out the... well, you know.  I haven't even looked at most of them.

In fact, I almost forgot that the other day, I took this photo of the Oxalis growing in a pot next to Hound Dawg's water bowl.  I snapped the photo just so I could post it today.  See Finman, I do plan ahead.

I saw Oxalis (the green shamrock thingies real name) being sold in the store the other day.  Don't people know that they'll just jump in your pots all on their own without invitation?  At least, they will in this area.

Pretty little shamrocks, aren't they?


  1. Don't people know that they'll just jump in your pots all on their own without invitation?

    I know! I laugh when I see black-eyed Susans or evening primrose for sale. "Come dig them out of my garden!" I wanted to tell people when I lived in Memphis.

    Some plants are like kittens: there is no reason to pay for them because someone always has some to give away.

  2. How are you?? Happy St. Patty's day. Love the picture and I know what you mean about the shamrocks- They sell them here as well, PLUS they sell ragweed, which always makes me giggle.. I always think to myself that if I could dig up one of those fields in the autumn that seem to be everywhere- and sell them I could make a fortune.

  3. This reminds me of my great-grandmother, who used to send me a pressed 4-leaf clover in every birthday card. While I've never found any 4-leaf clovers myself, I hope I get her luck in the gene pool - she lived to be 106!

  4. You do plan ahead, those are beautiful shamrocks!

  5. Damn crazy what some folks will do for weeds...

  6. CF, I know. I couldn't believe the first time I saw bluebonnets for sale. I couldn't imagine that people might not have them springing up everywhere.

    Wiz, the things people sell... crazy. I hope I know better than to buy ragweed. :)

    Intelli, how do people find 4 leaf clovers? I never seem to...

    Fin, thanks honey.

    Fragilewisdom, thanks for the vote of confidence! We need to keep reminding Fin.

    Fijufic, I know! Absolutely crazy.

  7. You know, I totally missed St. Patty's day. Not a big holiday here in Thailand, strangely enough.


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