Monday, February 28, 2011


I am suffering from weather shock.  We've had a string of balmy days in the 70's and this weekend it was a real struggle not to turn on the air conditioning.  I absolutely refuse to turn on the refrigerated air in February!

So much for spring sneaking in with a gradual greening of the world.  Although, here in South Mississippi we most likely have another frost or two in our future, spring is budding out all over.  So strange to see trees in bloom on the last day of February.

Unbelievable to think that three weeks ago snow was falling in parts of Mississippi.


  1. Unbelievable too that I am below a half tank of heating oil and still have a measured half foot of undrifted snow in some spots, and piles of snirt that are still seven or more feet tall.

    guess who

  2. We're the same here in Big D. I'm thinkin' Mother Nature is setting us up for one last bout of cold weather, but spring is close enough I can smell it. :)


  3. Spring is such a tease, isn't she? I figure we'll be due for a blizzard about the time intellikid flies home for Spring break. Just to make life interesting for us.

  4. I have spring fever for sure. I didn't want to go to work today!

  5. I'm very ready for Sping but I don't want the hot days of summer too soon either. Everything is coming into bloom.


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