Monday, February 21, 2011

24-Hour Buffet

Last weekend, I put up a new bird feeder in front of my front windows.  It took about three days for the birds to discover the smorgasbord but now the feeder is on the neighborhood map.  Yesterday, when I had to spend most of a sunny beautiful 70-is degree day inside, I really enjoyed watching the action at the feeder.  

In the photo: Tufted Titmouse and Chipping Sparrow. 


  1. I am glad they finally discovered the feast!

  2. Very sweet. Personally, I hope the hummingbirds return too.

  3. Sis, me too. It was fun watching them when I couldn't do anything else!

    Fin, I hope the hummingbirds come back too. I'll work on it again this year.

  4. Those birds are always so charming...

  5. I'm glad they found it. Have the larger birds come in yet and tried to 'claim' the space? I've had that with one of my feeders. I shoo the crows away all the time.

  6. Bobby, they sure are.

    Wiz, so far, everyone seems to be taking turns. It's kind of nice.


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