Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Only A Mother Could Love...

In this case, I guess Papa Mockingbird loves them too.  I think there are two little birdies there.  Puny little creatures, aren't they?  They kind of look all mixed up.  I managed one photo that had the cutest little beak peeping up, except it kind of looked like a nest sonogram. You know, grainy, blobby, and you needed a bit of imagination.

Oh heck, I'll throw it in and you can use your imagination:
The eggs hatched today.  I was tipped off by the long worm hanging out of a parental mouth.  Made me think perhaps there were youngins to feed.  And, so there were.  Curious to see if the third egg will do anything. 

In any case, Happy Birthday Young Mockingbirds.  Good luck with the fledging. 


  1. Awwwww Congratulations!! They are fragile little creatures aren't they- I love newborn birds though. They're so precious in a "so ugly they are cute kind of way" Such lovely photos - they change quickly will you update again?

  2. "Young Mockingbirds"

    Looks like the von Trapp family will soon have some competition. Very cool. :)

  3. O, thank you. I am hoping to update again. We'll see if Mama and Papa cooperate.

  4. Lowandslow, true. We love to hear them in the yard. they are quite impressive.

  5. Wow, I am so glad you were able to catch that photo. I have never seen a cute newly hatched bird with the possible except of chicks. I hope you are able to get more pictures!

  6. Awww they are so cute- I love baby birds and the ducklings are in abundance here- Now if I could just get close enough to get a decent shot.


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