Friday, June 10, 2011

I Didn't Need That Dill Anyway

This morning in the garden:

Black Swallowtail Butterfly caterpillars indulging in a serious chow-down on my dill plants.  Colorful little guys and girls, aren't they?

I've survived the first week of the Summer Reading Program, not quite as easy as it sounds. So, happy weekend!  I'm sure we all deserve it.


  1. Your summer duties sound absolutely excruciating! You're a much stronger person than I. And more patient, too.

    Have a wonderful RELAXING weekend, Bethany. :)


  2. Fascinating pre-butterfly capture!!!! Sounds like you deserve leisure ( in there somewhere amongst "reading programs" elicits schedules and hordes of all age kidlings.... BUT if anyone can carry it with aplomb, that would be you!!

  3. The caterpillars are almost as beautiful as the adult butterflies. I am glad to hear that you survived the first week!

  4. Same thing happened to me the one time I grew dill! Maybe a strategy is to grow two patches...and hope that the caterpillars will choose just one.

  5. They sound like "good" pests. I have bunnies eating my dusty miller plants :(

  6. Our bunnies only exist to entertain Copper.



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