Monday, June 20, 2011

Around the Water Cooler

Click the photo, it makes it REALLY big!
 It is ridiculously hot outside.  I keep thinking, if June is this miserable, how will we all survive July and August, the really hot months?

Despite the heat, the birds are having a great time.  This year I put up this bird feeder in the front yard.  What a joy.

It's been such fun to watch the birds out the front window.  Here a Tufted Titmous and Carolina Chickadee exchange a little gossip.  The feeder level was pretty low, maybe they were complaining about the service.

Yesterday at the feeder, I also watched a mama Cardinal feeding a young-un and then watched as she led the youngster to the birdbath for a bit of a dip.  Simple pleasures, my friends, simple pleasures.


  1. ... simple pleasures are the BEST!!! I love my feeders, baths and houses!!!! And I like reading about your too! Too fun~

  2. I'm afraid that by the end of this summer we'll see actual live demonstrations of "spontaneous combustion". I hope it's not ME that goes up in flames. :(


  3. I envy you your feeders and baths. The are so entertaining and relaxing to watch when I visit.


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