Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lest You Think This Corner of the World is Always Peaceful...

Here, Copper harasses the wildlife.  (Notice, how he goes back to his roots with forest shaking hound dog bay.)  We are now both looking out the front windows.  

One of us is watching longingly and the other impatiently as we follow the VERY SLOW progress of this visiting mud turtle.  I for one, would like said turtle to get over his trauma and move on.  Copper on the other hand would like to go see what he can do with that thing.  The Finman suggests I shuttle our visitor to the woods.  Perhaps, I'll just go do that.


  1. I think we can both be glad that this is a sound we hear very rarely. Were it not for rabbits and turtles (and once in awhile Milton) we would never know he had a voice.

  2. cute....

    hm, I'm not on your blog list *snif* ok, finman isn't either LOL

  3. Fin, true. I am very glad.

    Fijufic, you speak truth.

    Westy, you are on my blog list. Although, I checked it was the old KCL link which I have now updated to your new link. My blog list only shows 10 links unless you drop it down. The top ten are the most recently updated.

  4. aaahhhhh now I see the "see all" link! oooops, sorry ;-)

  5. You also captured his smile-inducing propeller tailwag.

    Sadly, also his responsiveness to commands.

    Every time (admittedly VERY rarely) I hear that sound, I think of men in striped outfits running through a swamp somewhere with that sound in the background.

    Let the record show, we had yon hound for almost a MONTH before he ever uttered a sound. MY kinda doggy! I miss ya both!!!

  6. So he is a real man's dawg?? *snicker***

  7. I think a big slingshot to send the turtle to woods would be good. Copper could quit fretting, the turtle could experience flight--and more than likely, he'd survive.

    Somehow I doubt my solution is PETA approved.

    One way or another that turtle has to make more progress than that.
    Great dog. A true Southerner, I'd say.

  8. I love this- Iplayed it and immediately JJ started barking- I am certain that he and JJ would be pals ..


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